Ms. Woods' Studio

⭐ Won Most Innovative Award in Junior Achievement Competition

How might we help animals get adopted from San Diego County shelters/rescues during COVID-19?

⭐ Project Invent Recognition (Won $400 in prize)

How might we lessen the impact of gas emissions from MTS buses while allowing the bus driver to sustain his job in order to help the climate?

⭐ Won Social Change Maker in Junior Achievement Competition

How might we encourage students to become better engaged and stay present in class, while preventing suspensions/expulsions?

How might we persuade children ages 3-11 to perform covid 19 precautions by adhering to their needs and interests?

How can we close the Digital Divide?

Our mission is to try to prevent the frequency of domestic violence of women and men between the ages of 18-25?

How might we create more sustainable packaging to lessen the amount of fossil fuels going into our environment.

How might we help the homeless population in downtown San Diego gain access to medical and hygiene?

How can I help solve homeless teenagers who deal with mental health ?

How might we better support teens mental health inside and outside of school?