How can we reduce the use of microbeads in exfoliating hand soaps so that we can decrease the amount of microplastics harming marine life in San Diego?

Celeste | Anaya | Brian | Joseph

Microplastics are a massive threat to the marine environment found all throughout the ocean and all of it was caused by human pollution. The effect that microplastics cause is the release of toxins and the stunning development of young fish. With the use of non-decomposable plastics, the issue is predicted to grow immensely as time goes on. Microplastics infect not only fish but us as well because people eat fish resulting in poisoning and contaminated fish products.

Nobody wants pollution, right? Microplastics basically cause pollution in our environment, which means they help to spread harmful chemicals and substances which affect our marine life! Microplastics block digestive tracts, diminish the urge to eat, and alter feeding behavior, all of which reduces growth and reproductive output in fish. With their stomaches stuffed with plastic, some species starve and die. This should not be.