How might we help manage stress and anxiety?

Albert, Gabriel, Viridiana

Students across all ages and demographics are affected by some source of stress in school. The stress can stem from homework, tests, or even social status. Along with the stress, they also lack a healthy way to cope with it.

Ana, a current junior in high school, has struggled with stress and anxiety since the age of 11 while she was in 6th grade. She’s gotten better over the years but still hopes to find ways to cope without having to “cause a scene”. My brother Abram is 13 years old and has struggled with anxiety since the age of 6. Because of that, he had a bald spot, it’s funny you know, but I think as his older sister I failed to understand that having an anxiety disorder isn’t something they have control over. With that being said, we hope to be able to create something that not just them, but also those who struggle with anxiety or stress can use to cope.