What Are Ways to Prevent the Western Burrowing Owl From Becoming Endangered?

Noelia | Arely | Areli

For our DT project, we're asked to “solve” a problem. Our group decided to find a way to help the Western Burrowing Owl from becoming endangered or extinct. Specifically, how to protect their habitat from human encroachment and activity. Our first step to help the Western Burrowing Owl was to research what they are. We have researched on different websites, and we each learned about the characteristics and habits of the western burrowing owl, including where they live, where they migrate, etc. After our research, we had to find an end-user and expert for the Western Burrowing Owl. It took us a very long time because it was hard to contact experts and talk to them personally. After a few days, maybe weeks, we finally found someone who was willing to talk to us. After some talking, we’ve decided to visit the expert and her work. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to reach the expert personally due to a lack of resources. Eventually, we talked to the expert through email about the prototype our group is working on. We are still in contact, and currently we are working on the prototype.

Teddy and Tommy, both runaway burrowing owls, lived in Arizona in their own habitat. Tommy was always the curious one to get out of the home while Teddy was the opposite and wanted to stay home. Tommy one day got tired of staying home every day without doing anything and wanted to get out. He packed his stuff to go out on an adventure and discover new things. Teddy couldn’t stop his little brother. Teddy was so overprotective with Tommy but let him go and gave him his blessing. Tommy got out of his home and was so happy to finally leave, but as soon as he started flying a car bumped into him and sadly passed away due to human activity.