How Can We Make Music Therapy More Accessible to Low-Income Youth?

Johann | Elias | Mariarenee

Music therapy is used to help people with mental or physical problems and then music is used in tandem with the therapy sessions. These sessions can be held with an individual or in a group while instruments such as guitar, percussion instruments, keyboards, feel drums, and sound bowls. Our prototype is a portable amphitheater. This would help make music therapy more accessible.

Today, a music therapist decided to stop by a senior citizen housing facility. A lady named Debora who is housed in a house for senior citizens sits quietly in her chair as everyone around her is joyfully singing to the sound that the assistant decided to play. But as time passed on the assistant decided to play another this time Debora started to tap her foot to the rhythm of the song and soon enough she started to join in with the other elders and started to dance along with them. Curious the assistant asked Debora why she started to dance Debora responded: “ The song reminded me of a happier time in my life back when I was younger.”