How can we improve the education that girls receive about menstruation?

Angie, Deaujana, Guadalupe, Daffhne

Growing up as a female, we are SOMETIMES told that we will be getting our periods. However, we aren’t told why or what happens throughout our periods. We feel like females, especially young girls, are not being taught in school or at home about our periods, therefore, we have decided to create period pants with an informative book about periods for young females.

The majority of females have a period, some get cramps and others don’t. Each female is different and has a different experience, however, we are not being taught what we need to know about menstruation, such as what is normal, what is not normal and why we are even bleeding. Therefore, we have decided to make some period pants that come with an informative book for young females who are about to start puberty.