How might we help those who have type 2 diabetics manage their condition?

Ryan | Cierra | Harold

In this project, we are focusing on diabetics who have a physical problem that causes them not to be able to have the chance to exercise. We realized that they should look at the overall aspect of diabetes such as diet, cost of medicine, and exercise. We then interviewed end-users who are family members. We also interviewed a pediatric nurse as an expert. We are now planning how to turn this idea into a 3-D model to make it easier to spread information.

There once was a male figure named Michael in his 20s who was a sugar fanatic. He knew of diabetes but didn’t think it would affect him because in his words he was “fit and young.” Later in his life, around the age of 35, he began to regret his choices. His sugar had gotten way too high for his body to function. He was rushed to the hospital just to find out he has diabetes. He cried and cried, but crying couldn’t help him time travel. He was mainly upset about the cost of medicine and treatment. He could no longer do what he used to do, and that was hard primarily because he had to break his habits. Now that he is in his 60’s, Michael has to stick himself in the side of his jolly stomach with a needle and receive insulin 3 times each day. If he doesn’t, his body will go down the drain. His family and wife have to cook a separate meal so that he can eat with his family. One could say that he reminds us of Santa with all of the sweets. But Santa has to chill. That leaves us with our DT question, “What kind of product can we make that helps type 2 diabetics manage their condition?”