How Can We Best Spread the Word on Anorexia and Further Support People With Their Eating Habits?

Enrique | Alexandro | Brandon

We created an app for eating disorders and are consulting with experts on what to include. We are focusing on an anonymous help chat, access to expert help, and a meal prep page with information on the vital nutrients they should be eating.

Background: This is a story about a girl. A girl who had a very difficult story which she always had to face when she was home. Some issues that happened to be consistent throughout her story were the fact that she moved between her father’s and her mother’s house. On top of that, her mother happened to be an alcoholic and her father was dismissive of her and what she did. What’s her name? This girl's name is Alti. So for a long time she really did question where she was going to live. With the turmoil of everything going on and no way to truly express it without seeming like she was a hassle she slowly started missing meals in a way to avoid direct interactions with either of her parents. Also, having no one to talk to about everything going on and feeling alone she’d hide away during school leaving her to not eat during the school day. Her father noticed after a year of her skipping meals and progressively losing weight. She was losing weight and she was losing it fast. He was scared for his daughter and her health. He tried speaking with her, but she stayed silent. He sent her to the hospital and she was admitted into counseling.