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e3 Choir Performance & Welcome from Dr. Ward

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Mission & Vision and 8 Tenets of Critical Thinking

Mission & Vision

The mission and vision of e3 Civic High is to engage, educate, and empower our learning community to be passionate, life-long learners and civic leaders who are prepared for college, workforce, and life.

8 Tenets of Critical Thinking

    • Discipline of Mind

    • Metacognitive Thinking

    • Open Mindedness

    • Empathy

    • Humility

    • Questioning

    • Healthy Skepticism

    • Reflection

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What is Exhibition All About?

Welcome, friends, families, and community members, to e3 Civic High's annual Exhibition! Tonight, you will have the opportunity to explore a showcase of scholar work here in the virtual space. We encourage you to visit all virtual studios and interact with all scholars and their projects. Tonight is about celebrating the work and sharing in the learning that has taken place through scholars' Design Thinking projects.

Design Thinking is a project-based process in which scholars struggle with complex issues by developing a challenge question or essential question that they work to solve as they move through five phases:


2020 Project Invent Winners

Last week our seniors participated in Project Invent’s April Demo Day. Project Invent is an event where high school students from across the country present their impactful inventions for a chance at funding. All students that participated have spent the past year creating innovations for impact. Scholars Angelica Torres, Cheilon Deas, Christina Arias, and Uriel Torres represented e3 at this event.

They presented their Design Thinking project, The Infinity Clip for the visually impaired, to Project Invent and the venture capitalists in San Francisco and won first place beating out participants from top private and public schools across the country. Their prize is $2500 to move the project to the next phase.

Congratulations to our scholars and to Ms. Woods for leading them, for pushing them and for leading the senior DT LFs. Great job all around!

We are so proud of our scholars and Ms. Woods!

Words From the Team:

"It's rewarding that the project that we have been working hard on is able to help the visually impaired/ blind community. I'm extremely grateful that we got the chance to share our idea with Project Invent and make a change in our community now!" - Christina Arias

"This past Saturday at Project Invent, was a great experience to have a virtual interaction with other students, mentors, professionals, community members, and families. Personally, I'm not good at speaking amongst big crowds of people but the fact that I gave it a try and succeeded really meant a lot to me physically and mentally. " - Cheilon Deas

"Winning Project Invent allowed us to see the success in our hard work, and it felt amazing! We had spent hours working and refining our invention to satisfy our end users and slowly started getting more and more invested into seeing it succeed." - Angelica Torres Diaz

"My experience regarding the project invent event was good. During the whole event I was a little nervous because my group and I were going up against other students around the world with excellent projects. I honestly didn't expect us to win first place. I was surprised when I found out we took first place because of all the other wonderful projects." - Uriel Torres Gutierrez

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Five Phases of Design Thinking


Decide on theme. Scholars learn how to research, find credible and reliable sources, build interview questions and identify end-users/experts. Then, scholars conduct interviews to build empathy toward their end users.


This is the storytelling phase. Scholars learn how to understand quantitive and qualitative data and how how to interpret what they've learned from the research. Then, scholars are able to tell the story of who, what, and why.


This creative stage involves scholars brainstorming as many ideas as possible without limitations.


In this innovation phase, scholars build prototypes, they test and gather feedback.


This stage is ongoing and iterative. Scholars refine and change their prototypes, just like Apple does with each iteration of the iPhone. Scholars ask,"How do I Improve my idea?"


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Performance from our award-winning e3 Choir under the direction of Cheryl Slavik. Click Here for Live Stream

Welcome from Dr. Cheryl James-Ward, CEO/Chief Engagement & Innovation Officer. Click Here for Live Stream

Presentations and exhibitions from e3 scholars in their respective level areas.

Adjourn - Thank you for joining us this evening!

What Kinds of Questions Should I Ask Tonight?

All scholars welcome your questions and comments about their projects and presentations. Here are some sample questions:

  • What surprised you when working on this project?

  • How has this project impacted your life?

  • How will this project impact others in our community?

  • How has this project impacted your behavior?

  • What has this project taught you about yourself?